new work

Although I have not felt very productive, there are a few things I have been working on, which are now on the internet for your perusal:

I wrote about Brian Blanchfield's Proxies for Hyperallergic. [spoiler: loved it] and about They and We Will Get into Trouble for This by Anna Moschovakis for The Georgia Review [same]. 

Brian had me on his radio show, Speedway and Swan, to talk about poetry. [side note: I dragged my son on the road trip down to Tucson (from Sedona) for it, but we got to spend the night in a semi-swanky hotel, which after a week and a half of dorm living was bliss.] 

My chapbook, Awake, Location, was a finalist for the Diagram Chapbook Contest. I mean, finalist is not winning, but rejection with a nice, personal note from Ander Monson is pretty good as not winning goes. 

And forthcoming: A review of Mark Baumer's Holiday Meat at Queen Mob's Teahouse (any minute now) and an interview soon to be at The Conversant with the poet Kate Colby, whose most recent book, I Mean, is a powerhouse. (I also got to perform in a staged interpretation of I Mean, directed by poet, playwright, and librettist Darcie Dennigan, for the Providence Fringe Festival.) 

And in process: A conversation with the poet Kate Schapira about her most recent book, Handbook for the Hands that Alter as We Hold Them Out and her Climate Anxieties Counseling.

Also in process: A great deal of hand-wringing and complaining (softly) about the heat.