in its fullness

I spent the morning working with paper again, the same dress form. I am trying to figure out how to create frames that can illuminate the forms from behind. A soft, diffuse light. This is hanging in front of the window, mid-morning. To perhaps replicate this kind of light?

I like to think that the repetition and experimentation in fabric and paper has some bearing on experimentation in text. A way of trying to exploit formal constraints.


I joined a writing group that has been meeting for a couple years. Last night was my first meeting and conversation was mostly easy, pleasant. I like to think about work beyond these revisions. A new project. I feel a bit desperate for it.

Although what I plan to work on next is not entirely new. Character sketches, plot points I’ve been carrying around for a while, but attempting to put them together in this way is new. I read a bit of it aloud the other night to some other writer friends and it sounded rougher, more raw than I had remembered. There is a lot of work to be done.


I feel a bit directionless today, despite my many tasks and projects. Spring has finally arrived in all its fullness, and it’s distracting to think about getting the garden ready, cutting back the shrubs and trees, clearing out beds. Crocuses -- purple and white -- appeared in the ivy this year. Unexpected but welcome gifts.