Reenactments: Notes on Form

Repetition compulsion: remembering, repeating, and working through

Carole Maso, Anne Carson, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich

Returning to our (literary) mothers

What if the book contains: its false starts, its hesitations

You think you know what a reader wants: a good old-fashioned story

I want this to be everything

What if the book contains

Susan Sontag, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

You think you know what a woman wants:

Almeida: Reproducing something is not the opposite of productivity

a good old fashioned—

There is something still that haunts me

The language, word by word

She was working on an erotic song cycle

She was working through it

A moment of discovery. The pulse. Missing something that was never there

Now tighter

A flatness here, in the middle

And Gertrude Stein, again

Of a country. Of an undoing.

What if a book contains—

Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, Renata Adler

How, in this city of men

This flattened middle

A knowledge that comes too late

But pierces

What if the book contains

Kapil: I wanted to write a novel, but I wrote this instead

Dream with the force of a wish

What possible use is there for certainty

wish with the insistence of memory

Carson: I merely know where to stand to see the lines that are there

What if the book contains

“It’s only love,” laughing

There is something left to say

Adler: She kept patting every sentence along the line with a little crazy laugh

There is nothing

But look: It’s happening again