[poetry month] "Sometimes when I'm walking on this street" by Emily Jungmin Yoon


I want to lie down on that patch of dirt and grass.
I’m tired and lonely. On the bus the other day
we passed by an albino tree. You were next to me
and said we need to go back there and look at it,
then flew out the next day. Does white seem cold
or hot to you. We can pretend the tree was full
of ember. On this street are yellow leaves, cool
and aloof. This morning I woke up shivering.
I’d like to tell you of the dream I had, how
I was on a bus to Anmyeondo. I was alone
but you were next to me when we got to the sea.
I’d like to tell you that we found our way
to the island. But I’ve forgotten everything else.

— Emily Jungmin Yoon, from A Cruelty Special to Our Species, Harper Collins, 2018.