from old notebooks, letters to a future self

In preparation for a time of what I hope will be sustained attention to reading and writing, I’m gathering up notes from old notebooks. I’m grateful to my past self for leaving little gifts for my future self to find.

 [winter 2013]

The value and quality of your writing will come from the value and quality of your life when you are not writing.

David Wojahn: “Pain is not just to be endured but to show a way toward something like grace.”

Margaret Atwood: “All writers learn from the dead.”

PROMPT: “Heart burial”

Who said this? “Poetry must resist intelligence almost successfully.”

David Wojahn: “Not an hour goes by I’m not thinking about poetry.”

Paul Thek: Teaching Notes: 4-Dimensional Design (which led to: Draw it with your eyes closed.)

Larry Levis: “The Oldest Living Thing in LA”

PROMPT: What are the stories that would save your life?

PROMPT: Begin a poem with this line: “Before you dream of me tonight, you must know…”