dream notes

DREAM: We dig wide craters in the earth. The earth is red. I carry around the severed head of my father. Cradle it in the crook of my arm, like I am holding an infant there.

We go to the movies. I leave my father’s head at home in a hatbox. I found the hatbox after searching a long time. I lined it with pink tissue paper. He seemed comfortable.

The movie is an adventure but I don’t remember it when I wake. I remember wandering the rooms of my sister’s house to find something that would hold my father’s head.

I remember that outside her house, there were ditches we had dug. Enormous. As if we were excavating a plot of land so that we could build buildings on it. Did I mention

that my father’s head looked peaceful? Did I mention that sometimes, he would smile at me when I took him from his hatbox and carried him from room to room?

In the dream, my sister could not know that I had my father’s head. Yes it was her father’s head too but still. It was my secret. It was our time to be alone.