girl on gravel

girl on the gravel

what is she holding in her hand

an orange        a ball of pure light

gravel on the concrete or is it a field of moss


what do you make of this

I think she is in danger

why is she in danger

because she is laid so bare


car ride to the boardwalk

electric light         carousel and fortune teller

here is something you should know:

this card means that change is coming

and this card means that you are afraid

what does this card mean

it is hard to tell the light is so bright

but bright is good, isn’t it

it is hard to tell         if it’s all on fire


lie down on the gravel         and let me take your photo

it will look like you are dead

or that I am sleeping

this was a game we played        this staging of death

mouth hanging open        arms outstretched        was this

an invitation

was this        too much


what is the body of a girl worth

what cost to lift her from the gravel        from the

concrete where she fell

wash her skin        and comb her hair

cross her arms over her chest like this

where are they taking her

back to the countryside

but what will she do there

maybe she will rest         maybe she will ride

the sad carousel

maybe she will gaze up at the sky

to its pure light