leigh hendrix

selfie #5: gutted (with @leighhendrix)

“let yourself be gutted. let it open you. start there.”

what do they say?        there is a fine membrane         between skin and flesh

a sharp blade severs        there are hills you will want to die on       you

are not here        you are thinking of all the fine membranes         a wound is

an injury       but can also be an opening         to a what is no longer a wound        

you are thinking       of the time between         there are many hills        

you come in alone       my body on the cool metal table         I watch you

open me         you are not precise         you go out alone        

you return to a place        you do not recognize         what is severed

cannot be undone        though we may wish it       though we may

stuff the skins        with straw and clay        though we may wrap        

our wounds with paper        though gutted