with warmth and tenderness

Francesca Woodman sent a letter to friend Giuseppe Casetti (“Cristiano”) in 1978. She wrote it in the form of a recipe on a page torn from a book. The book was Elizabeth David’s Summer Cooking. Her message was written in Italian. The translation (as appears in Francesca Woodman: Roma 1977-1981) reads:

A Winter recipe for a fizzy omelet a la Francesca

1 teddy-bear of ricotta

2 of those Green apples that are delicious inside and
ugly outside

Stir in the direction of Ducasse’s tail wags

1 twist of Cristiano

grate into it and stir well, but be careful to do it slowly and

Cook the mixture with warmth and tenderness.

If the omelet does not fizz, or if it has a hard skin, it is worth
convincing it or even going on a visit.

If, on the other hand, the omelet melts, or is too sensitive,
give it a special spherical word or a little caress in order to
convince it to stand up straight.

Even a bite around the edges. This omelet may seem tiring
but it is delicious and highly nutritious. It will last a long
time and preserve well; in fact it gets more flavor if it is kept
warm and treated well.

Bon appetit!