tuesday morning, paul

Tuesday morning, I sleep late. Upstairs, someone is moving furniture back and forth. I can hear the dull scraping of something heavy across the floor. 

I heat water in the microwave in a plastic cup. I make coffee. 

I go back to my desk with my coffee and stare out the window at the courtyard below. It is quiet except for the incessant chatter of birds. 

I get up, pace the room. I feel anxious.

Also, I am hungry. 
Also, I am tired.
Also, I have burned my tongue on this coffee that is too hot. 

Our workshop leader is Paul Lisicky. He is generous and kind and insightful and wise. He is dashing with piercing eyes. 

In talking about our work he says: “Something I admire about this piece…”
He says: “Something I am wondering about…”

He guides our conversation so gently. But we get there. We always get there. 

And look, I just found his blog. You should read it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.