out of the frame

Write one true sentence about what you see:

I see a woman’s body lying on the ground.

Write one sentence to follow it:

When I see a woman’s body lying on the ground, I am filled with fear.

And then:

Why is she lying naked on the ground?

You did not mention she was naked before.

I thought it was implied.

It was not.

I see a woman’s naked body lying on the ground and I am fearful for her. She is too vulnerable there. Look – even a small animal approaching without ill intent can scrape at her skin with its claws. Women are not meant to lie naked on the ground with their faces obscured and their arms outstretched.

What happens next?

She gets up, puts on the dress that she has left on the ground over there by that tree. She puts it on. It has flowers on it.

What happened just before?

A picnic? A bit of bread and cheese and maybe wine? She slipped off the flowered dress. It is warm in New Hampshire in June, but there is a lovely breeze.

What will she do when she leaves this place?

She will move back to Providence for a time. Then she will go to New York where she will try to find work. And then. Well, you know how this will end.

No I mean, when she gets up from the moss-covered ground.

She will put on her dress and walk out of the frame.