you are always traveling alone

You meet someone in another land. You introduce yourself. You let your hand be taken. This is the way it will be: Take tea when you are offered tea. Sing when you are asked to sing. Hold hands when there is someone who wishes to hold hands with you. Do not whisper about past or future loves. Show delight when you are asked to show delight.

You are always traveling alone. In love with love. You meet a man and tell him my life is complicated and he says how lucky that I should have met you. How lucky that we should meet this way.

Coming back from the restaurant, you fall behind, letting the others rush on ahead, loud and drunk. Against the storefront window, he holds your face in his hands and asks is this what we want is this this is what we want -

Let it play out. Let the sounds ring out clear and high in the dark night. This body or another. 

Statue of a man casts its long shadow.

You are always traveling alone.